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Tuesday-Saturday 9am-6pm
By appointment only.

Mohr Fitness & Bodywork Services

Reveal the power of self-care through the assimilation of both therapeutic massage and personal training.

Push Ups

Certified Personal Training

Training is equally important as the mind that supports it
Training Regimens need to reflect the current state of your body, and progressively increase to attain your goals.
Muscle System Strengthening is imperative to all bodily corrections.

Anatomy Drawing

Body Mind and Soul Connection

Strengthen the body by motivating the mind

Reiki Treatment

Therapeutic Massage

Massage Therapy is a treat the body needs after strenuous physical activity of any level.

Leg Injury

More About Mohr Fitness & Bodywork

We believe in your unlimited ability and potential. Our plan of action to help you move towards your goals are ensured through professionalism, integrity, motivation, grit, accountability, and drive.  Through our unique training program, we've helped a countless number of people achieve their goals. You do not have to be alone through this fitness journey. Allow Mohr Fitness & Bodywork to help you attain your goals, and your balance.

Mohr Fitness

We understand the need for anatomical balance by accessing how your body responds to physical activity. The connection between body and mind is stronger than the “mind over matter” ideology. Training your body to adjust correctly to your work, activity, and life balances is what we pride ourselves in. Prepare and heal yourself preventatively, during physical training, and after physical activity with the help of Mohr Fitness & Bodywork.
We invite you to experience the healing that your body needs with MFaB.